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Contract of furnished seasonal rental

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                                                        General conditions

Article 1: Effective date of the contract

The reservation and the contract of furnished seasonal rental will take effect
with reception by the owner of the general and particular conditions read,
approved, dated, signed by the taker and accompanied by the down payments
stipulated under these same particular conditions.

Article 2: Obligations of the owner

The owner is held with the principal following obligations:

The owner commits himself delivering the places rented in good condition of
repairs of all species and the equipment mentioned in the Contract of furnished
seasonal rental in good condition of operation, to maintain them (necessary
repairs others that rental) throughout the time of hiring and to let some enjoy
the taker peacefully, in accordance with the description which was made in the
descriptive state, the inventory and the particular conditions.

The owner must ensure himself to guarantee the tenant against the defects or
defects which prevent the use of it, nevertheless it would not have known them
at the time of the conclusion of the leasing agreement, without damage of the
application of the second subparagraph of article 1721 of the Civil code.

Article 3: Obligations of the taker

The taker is held with the following obligations:

The taker commits himself to take possession personally places rented according
to methods envisaged by the general and particular conditions and enjoying it as
a "good father of family", as provisional residence of leisures, without
relation to an occupation in and around the rented house and surfaces.

He commits himself not misusing the sources of energy placed at his disposal
(water, electricity and gas). He is in particular formally interdict to use
apparatuses not provided by the owner which consume more than 500 Watts/Hour.
The electric meter being limited to 6 KW/H, the taker commit himself not to
touch it, except changing a roasted fuse, and not using a material (including
bulbs) without conformity with the standards in force in the Gironde’s

The hiring includes a fixed price of consumption of 7000 liters of water and 700
kW of electricity per week.
Beyond that, a financial supplement will be
requested from the taker according to the tariffs of “Lyonnaise of Water” (~ 5
€/m3) and of E.D.F. (~ 120 €/mw).

The sub-renting and the transfer of lease even on a purely gracious basis are

The taker takes possession of the places in a state in conformity with the
descriptive state and the contradictory states of the places and goods, and
commits himself restoring them in a similar state. It is held to use peacefully
of housing exclusively following the destination and the use which were given to
him by the leasing agreement.

The taker commits himself not transforming the rented buildings and the
equipment; the owner can, if the taker ignored this obligation, require the
repairing of the buildings or preserve the transformations carried out without
the taker being able to claim an allowance for the committed expenses; the owner
has however faculty to require, with the expenses of the tenant, the immediate
handing-over of the places in state in particular when the transformations put
in danger the correct operation of the equipment or the nature or the safety of
the buildings, as well as a compensation of more than 50.000 €.

The taker commits himself not modifying the characteristics of the buildings,
equipment and pieces of furniture of the goods and rented surfaces.

An inventory of fixtures and an inventory of the pieces of furniture and objects
furnishing the places will be carried out in a contradictory way before the
handing-over of the keys by the taker and the owner, or an agent of this last,
the first and the last day of the hiring.

The taker is responsible of degradations and losses which could be noted at its
departure, out of the depreciation related to the normal use of the rented
places, as well as pieces of furniture and objects furnishing them.

The taker formally commits himself providing to the owner the exact list of
names, first names, ages and addresses of all adults and children brought to
place in the goods and rented surfaces.

The taker formally commits himself not placing more than 8 people in the house
and the spaces rented without to have informed and have obtained a written and
signed agreement from the owner, under penalty of immediate cancellation of the
full lease to the profit of the owner, involving the immediate expulsion of the
taker and the conservation by the owner with his profit of the rent without
another form of formality.

The taker is held to take responsibility for his the servicing of housing like
the whole of the tenant's repairs defined by decree in the Council of State,
except if they are caused by outdatedness, defect, defect in construction,
fortuitous occurrence or of cause beyond control.

The taker engages so that it is strictly interdict to smoke in the bedrooms, and
to compensate the owner with height for 600 € per mattress degraded by fire
(under all natures) or by all liquids (new bed linen in date of June and July
2006, systematically protected by a tight draw sheet).

The deposit poured under them particular conditions could be retained by the
owner until payment of the totality of repairs, maintenance costs and household
whose taker answers.

The taker commits himself insuring himself against the risks of which it must
answer in its capacity as tenant by subscribing an insurance covering the steal,
the loss, the fire, the damage of water, the explosion and the tenant's risks
undergone by the rented places, their vicinity and the objects furnishing them,
and to justify it before the handing-over of the keys. The taker will announce
the least problem or disaster to the owner in the 24 hours of it supervening.

The taker will let carry out urgent work which would be essential in the places.
He will let be carried out one day per week the maintenance of the parks, the
swimming pool (water treatment) and the house (except cleaning).

The taker commits himself respecting the French legislation into force, to be
respectful vicinity and not to make noise (< 40 Watts) or to create disorders
between 22h30 and 7h00.

The taker remains responsible for the keys and commits himself not entrusting
them to people other than those defined by this contract.

Article 4: Methods of cancellation

Any cancellation of reservation will be notified by the sending of a letter
registered with request for notice of receipt.

In the event of cancellation of the hiring by the taker, the down payments will
remain sure with the owner.

In the event of cancellation of the hiring by the owner, the down payments will
be restored in double with the taker.

If the taker were to shorten his stay, the rent will remain entirely due to the
owner without any possible refunding.

Article 5: Avoidance clause

In the event of inexecution of its obligations by the taker and five days after
the sending of a letter registered with acknowledgement of delivery of setting
in residence to conform to it, the contract will be automatically terminated
with the profit of the owner.

The absence of payment of the rent, the deposit financial or absence of document
in proof of insurance at the latest the 1st day of the hiring dice the arrival
of the taker constitutes a serious reason involving the cancellation of the full
contract to the profit of the owner.

It is expressly agreed that in the event of payment by cheque the rent and the
loads will be regarded as regulated only after cashing of the cheque, the
avoidance clause being able to be applied by the owner if the cheque would be
without provision.

Contract of furnished seasonal rental


Particular conditions


Mr BERNOTJean-Sébastien
Resident 11 Hameau de Mouguerre 64990MOUGUERRE_ FRANCE

Hereafter called the “ the owner ”ON THE ONE HAND



Hereafter called the “taker”IN ADDITION

It was agreed of a furnished seasonal lease, excluded from the field of
application of the law of July 6, 1989 and concluded within the framework from
articles 1713 and following of the Civil code, specified by the present general
and particular conditions.

Article 1st: Rented places

Address: 238 Allée des cailles 33480 SAINTE HELENE _ FRANCE

The house is located in a dead end (allotment La Lande) at 200 m of the forest
and 1,3 km of the center of this village of 2400 inhabitants.

Use: It is about a house of which the hiring of short duration (from 2 days up
to 2 months, generally at the week) is exclusively with use and character of
dwelling of leisure within a seasonal framework thus temporary. It can however
be rented on all dates in the year.

No occupation will be tolerated in and with the accesses of rented surfaces.

Consistency & Designation: A liveable surface on one level of 100 m² in an
independent contemporary house insulated well with 4 bedrooms, a living room
giving on a terrace, an equipped kitchen, a bathroom with bath-tub, a storeroom,
a shelter, a barbecue & a small swimming pool (self-supporting except ground, in
fonction from june to september) on a raised and enclosed garden of 800 m²

Housing conditions: The places are rented for 8 people to the maximum, and with
the written & signed agreement of the owner, to 10 people.

The taker is held to fill out the exact list of the names, first names, ages and
addresses of all adults and children brought to place in the goods and rented

NameFirst NameAgeAddress












The bed and the installation of tent are strictly prohibited in the garden, just
as the presence or the use of mattress other than those provided by the owner
(out of theses for babies and for water).

The equipment: A refrigerator-freezer, a cooking surface, a furnace with
pyrolyse, a microwaves furnace, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a dryer, a television, a
reader dvd/divx, a domestic iron and its table, a chimney, a barbecue, a vacuum
cleaner, furniture of garden, a shelter of garden, a dresser, an office, 2
cupboards, 3 tables, 2 trunks, furnitures of storage, 2 double beds (190 x 140)
and 2 individual thwart of bed, 2 beds (190 x 80) and 2 pillows of 60 x 60, 2
bed-settees (200 x 140 and 190 x 140) and 4 pillows of 60 x 60, and an Intex
plastic swimming pool out of ground (of 1 m in height on 4 m in diameter) make
the principal equipment of the house.
The material of maintenance, of cleaning, the draw sheets and complete kitchen
ustensils are provided.

Article 2: Duration

The present hiring is authorised and accepted fordays () duration
non-renewable. The present hiring is authorised of SaturdayJune 2008
with 15 p.m. atJuly 2008 with 12 a.m.

With the expiry of the lease, the taker formally commits himself releasing the
rented places and goods and gives up any stay in the places without it being
necessary to establish a formality. A prolongation of the hiring is prohibited
without the reading, the approval and the signature of an endorsement dated and
annexed to the present contract by the taker and the owner.

Article 3: Rent, loads and visitor's tax

The rent for the stipulated period is fixed, granted and acceptedhundred
euros,€, all loads (out of cleaning) and visitor's tax included.

The hiring includes a fixed price of consumption of 7000 liters of water and 700
kW of electricity per week. Beyond that, a financial supplement will be
requested from the taker according to the tariffs of “Lyonnaise of Water” (~ 5
€/m3) and of E.D.F. (~ 120 €/mw).


Options : services requested by the taker:




¨ Price for cleaning :50 euros if < 6 persons & 70 euros if more.


¨ Price for hiring of linen (beds & kitchen) : 3 €/night/pers. =euros fornights.


¨ Price for hiring of bath towels :10€/pers. =euros forpersons.


¨ Price for phone :according to the phone’s time




The total cost, including (or not) rent and services “cleaning, hiring linen & bath towels”, for the stipulated period is fixed, granted and accepted at


euros including all taxes forpeople.



Article 4: Down payment

With the signature of this contract, the taker will pay down payments of an
amount from at least 50% of the price of the rent ishundred andeuros,€.

This payment will be preferably carried out by international interbank transfer or cheque in euros. The balance of the rent will be regulated by the taker with the owner with the handing-over of the keys of the rented places the 1st day of the hiring dice the arrival of the taker.

Article 5: Financial deposit

As guarantee of the whole execution of his obligations and to cover the risks
related to degradation, the steal, the loss and the state of cleanliness of all
the goods in hiring during and with the exit of the hiring, the taker will pour
on this occasion a financial deposit corresponding to nearly 2 weeks of
principal rent, that is to say the sum of two thousand euros (2000 €).

The absence of payment of the financial deposit at the latest the 1st day of the
hiring dice their arrival constitutes a serious failure with its obligations on
behalf of the taker who involves the cancellation of the full leasing agreement,
therefore impossibility of enjoying the rented good, with the profit of the
owner which will definitively preserve the paid down payments, without other

The restitution of this deposit will intervene at the latest 30 days after the
restitution of the keys, made deduction of the losses, degradations and expenses
of household whose the taker answers.

The day of the departure of the taker, if maintenance is not in conformity with
that which it found while arriving, a sum from 60 to 150 € will be requested to
him from the title of cleaning.

Article 6: Observations

The taker declares himself informed that:

He has the obligation to inform by telephone with the 0033 662 80 57 90 under 24
hours the owner of all damages, degradations, problems, steals, losses and
accidents which would have places on the goods and rented surfaces and with the
accesses of the latter.

The taker does not have to in no case the right to sub-lease or yield his lease.

The parking of the vehicles is done on the public way or the northern part of
the garden covered with white fine gravels (possibility of 3 cars).

The non-dangerous and non-aggressive domestic animals are authorised under the
whole and exclusive responsibility of the taker, if they are vaccinated and have
a situation in conformity with the legislation in force. The taker is held to
keep them inside the surfaces rented far from the swimming pool and to close the
gate. He must evacuate their excrements via the household refuse and make sure
that the animals do not disturb the vicinity by their behavior. Possible
degradations will be the responsibility of the taker.

Cloths, covers of mattress, pillowcases & thwarts, and the household linen and
bath are not provided (possibility of paying hiring: 8 €/day for beds & kitchen).

The household is not included in the price of the hiring and that it must return
the goods and rented surfaces as clean as it found them while arriving. In the
event of defection on behalf of the taker or at the request of the taker, a sum
from 60 to 150 € will be invoiced to him and boxed continuation, according to
the level of cleanliness.

The taker remains responsible for the use of the swimming pool. For questions of
safety, it is committed making it inaccessible to the children not accompanied
and not supervised like with the animals. It is formally held to cover it with
the cover envisaged to this end, to withdraw the removable staircase the night
or in the event of non-utilisation and to close the gate (also to avoid the
intrusions of children and external animals). The swimming pool must remain as
clean as the taker found on his arrival.

A copy of the insurance dwelling of the taker of him or a certificate of its
insurer covering it for the tenant's risks will be required at the time of the
reservation and that it imperatively has the obligation to provide.

The signature of the lease and the payment of the down payments validate the
reservation definitively.

The handing-over of the list of inventory of the goods & equipment will be made
the 1st day of the hiring during the handing-over of the keys to the tenant. A
contradictory inventory of fixtures, and like present hiring is agreed and
accepted with a furnished lease, an inventory contradictory of the pieces of
furniture, will be established and annexed to the present contract during the
handing-over of the keys at the tenant and during the restitution of those keys.
The taker will be responsible for any deterioration or loss being able to occur
with this furniture.

The tools, the products of washing (lava linen & lava crockery) and of
maintenance (as well as the blankets, a bag of 5 kg coal for the barbecue & a
bag of 50 kg wood for the chimney) are provided.

The chimney is usable (brushing in September). The taker can enjoy it by
complying with the elementary rules safety and exclusively, by feeding it only
with the firewood provided by the owner (fire hazard, price of wood: 7 €/50 kg).
3 of the 4 rooms being equipped with smoke detectors
(with possibility of disconnecting them), it is prohibited to smoke there, of to light a candle or to make function any apparatuses releasing of smoke. It is recommended to close the door connecting these rooms to the living room, when the chimney is lit.

The barbecue accepts all types of wood and coals.

2 sets of spanner (safety) will be entrusted to the taker the 1st day. The loss
or the steal of these latter will be invoiced 50 €/key by the taker.

There is no equipment for babies.

Article 7: Others

It is expressly requested from the taker to return one of the specimens of the
furnished seasonal lease, dated, approved and signed, with the down payments (if
it is not already done) as well as a copy of its valid insurance’s contract by
mail to the address of the owner.

Fact with 2 original specimens each of 9 pages including one given to the taker


The ownerthe taker


(To make precede each signature of the hand-written mention: “Read and approved,
good for agreement”)



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